Sunday, 2 September 2012

Usual Sunday BS - CRAFTfest Week

So it's the usual Sunday BS only a little different because it's CRAFTfest week.

We're on the second day of CRAFTfest and already I'm getting more out of this than I did last time.  Perhaps I didn't quite understand how things worked last time.  I've already met some lovely crafters and the traffic to my shop/stall has been outstanding.  Now I just need to work on getting the traffic to stay and buy.  I really can feel that first CRAFTfest sale on its way.

So this week has been pretty full on with tweeting, stumbling (when believed to be human), face booking and hooting to my hearts content.  If nothing else, by the end of CRAFTfest, I will be social networking savvy.

Yesterday I discovered screen printing at Bespoke Atelier.  I'll write more about this on my Handmade Monday blog - this weeks is dedicated to CRAFTfest.   Jill at Kooshka London published a cool blue ice treasury featuring one of my unique ribbon jewellery pieces, a baby blue bracelet. Suffice to say it was a great afternoon and a truly creative experience, definitely a great creative excursion.

I am feeling like my life has been taken over by CRAFTfest, teaching me a lot about promotion - it's all still swimming around my head a little at the moment.  But I really do feel as if things are coming together.

Here's to a happy CRAFTfesting week

Catherine at The MacsX

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