Friday, 31 August 2012

A Full Blue Moon - and a Lovely Lilac Outlook

I know I had set out my weekly plan - and today should be the 'Four Seasons of Friday'  but as I don't believe in 'shoulds' and today is a Full Blue Moon the Four Seasons will have to wait till next week.

First off I've been over to Jamie Ridler Studios and checked out the gorgeous dreamboards of fellow bloggers and had my inspiration further fired up.  Given all the magic of this being the second full moon of the month Jamie asked "What extra-super-special dream do you want to invite in?"  I'm ready for The MacsX to take off - for it to bring some financial reward.  But my dream is not so much for money but for the lifestyle that I so want to be living.  Getting lost between the moon and New York City would just put the icing on the cake.  Anyone who has seen my previous board will know that I like to keep it simple - so I couldn't resist the 'Olympic Moon' posted on Bored Panda earlier in the month.  The buzz that the Olympics and Paralympics have brought about with the magic of so many dreams coming true - and so many dreams being ignited for the future just sums up the true magic that exists in this world.  That anything is possible feeling (if you put in the effort) definitely rings true.

I have already started putting the work in - and will be doing so much more of it over the next week at least with all the Lilac Lovelies and other Creatives at the September Craftfest.

There is so much to see - and so many gift challenges to be solved.  It's just after pay day so why not get all your Christmas Shopping done in one place - a myriad of unique handmade gifts,

At The Ruby Range stall you'll find this gorgeous doll 'Charlie' and more like her.  Andria makes commissioned unique rag dolls - this really makes for a special gift.

I love that Andria has worked with a school for deaf children and had hearing aids designed for the dolls - a real doll with a difference.

And let's face it they are just so cute.

At Brimble Originals there are handcrafted original pieces like this original and unique Felt Flower Wreath.

 Amy offers personalisation an all her gifts.

There are also some other gorgeous felt pieces and gift boxes and envelopes all sold via her beautiful wowthankyou shop.

 And at Bibs 'n' Pieces there are some gorgeous gifts for baby and mum.

Emma's handcrafted pieces like this keepsafe cushion are truly unique and made using those little pieces of baby clothing you really don't want to let go - a gift to be kept for a lifetime.

Emma sells through her shop at Folksy.

There is so much more to see and it all starts today - September 1st - that's this Saturday.  So get yourself over to Craftfest and get clicking and all your gift solutions in one space.

Happy shopping

Catherine at The MacsX

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday - What Healing Do You Wish For?

I'm writing this and listening to Jamie Ridler's weekly podcast, enjoying the safety of the studio.  This is posted on a Tuesday but I like to hold onto it till Wednesday when I get to spend the day in my Studio Space.

Jamie's wishcasting question today is in the title of my post.  I really didn't have to give this one too much thought.  The healing I wish for goes out to all the creative people out there - that they may find the courage to face their fears and believe in their art - I wish for the fear to be healed.

Completed Brooch from My Heartfelt Range - 'Rebel Without A Clue Pattern'

And as serendipity has it Leanne Kallal's post at Tiny Buddha Wisdom today gives a great way of looking at our fear, viewing fear as "the gateway from wishing and wanting to doing and being".

While sharing our wishes is a great way of getting our hopes out there, being and doing are key to living beyond the fear.

Here's to the fulfilment of all your wishes.

Catherine at The MacsX

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tuesday's Treasury - CRAFTfest Lilac Lovelies

This week's treasury/s features some of the Lilac Lovelies from September CRAFTfest.  I'm a member of the Lilac group and after having a look at all the stalls I thought I'd give a shout out to the other Etsy artists in the group

'CRAFTfest Lilac Lovelies' by TheMacsX










As there were just over 16 of us I split us into two treasuries and in the second added one of my Glasgow Etsy Team members, Angela Brookens.  I'm hoping to interview Angela shortly for a post during CRAFTfest.

' CRAFTfest - More Lilac Lovelies and a Glasgow Guest' by TheMacsX










These are just some of the talents in the Lilac Group.  There are so many more and I hope to feature them in the next week or so.

There really is some beautiful stuff here, if you're looking for a unique Christmas Gift why not get your shopping in early and check out CRAFTfest from Saturday. You really could get all your shopping done in one place.

And so back to work.

Catherine at The MacsX

Monday, 27 August 2012

Handmade Monday - Some Heartfelt Pieces

For those of you who read my last Handmade Monday you will be pleased to hear I'm working my way through my UFO's,  rallied on by CRAFTfest starting on Saturday.  I really enjoyed having the extra time today to get some crafting done and to get my 'Heartfelt' brooches finished.  Now I'm going to get to work on some branding, I've been gathering lots of ideas for packaging.

You should see what some of the other artists have been up to at Handmade Monday.

Happy Crafting

Catherine at The MacsX


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