Sunday, 26 August 2012

Usual Sunday BS - Getting into a Pattern

Well, I've been getting my UFOs finished, some anyway.  More on that tomorrow when I show them off at Handmade Monday.  And it's a bank holiday - so I can spend the morning getting some photos done - I got myself a couple of boxes at IKEA and am hoping they make a good light tent, big and small - we'll find out tomorrow.  If they work the way I hope I will definitely have made a major saving.

The on line Etsy Craft Party turned out to be a party of two - but an enjoyable time catching up with Trudy from Trudy10 - hopefully next time we'll be better organised, not so last minute.

I've been working on my blog schedule and have at least got a daily framework sorted out: Handmade Monday with a pop over to Handmade Harbour; Tuesday's Treasury highlighting pieces by Etsy teams, this week highlighting the CRAFTfest angle; Wishcasting Wednesday with the creative twist checking out the wishing prompts at Jamie Ridler's Studio; Thursday's Thoughtful Thread keeping in touch with my mindful musings; Four Seasons of Friday picking up on a First, a Favourite, a Finish making sure I complete something each week and a bit of Fun; Saturday Sunshine will normally be short and sweet and probably more pictorial so that I spend more time out in the 'sunshine' than on the NET for a day; and finally The Usual Sunday BS a catch up on what I've been up to all week and a shout out on what I intend to do for the next week, giving me a sense of public accountability.  Now that I have some structure I'm hoping the posts will just flow...

What did I learn this week - that Creatives are at their best when they are creating (or at least this one is anyway).  I've really enjoyed being creative this week and am looking forward to doing a lot more next week as I get ready for CRAFTfest.  I'm giving it more of a go this time.  I already know what to expect, I've got my goals together and am already working my way through my to do list.  Keeping on top of my list will be prompted more with Lu from Handmade in Keswick adding a daily task.

I'll be working on tidying up my branding and my Etsy shop - basically getting everything together this week in preparation for CRAFTfest on the First.

Happy Crafting one and all.

Catherine at The MacsX

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