Wednesday, 21 January 2015

9 Favourite Feedly Finds

These hit my list of favourites for this week:

  1. I love all things 'Pom Pom' and this one came via the lovely blogger KnitNRun4Sanity
  2. There's something hauntingly beautiful about these Ink Paintings on old Books via Colossal
  3. This earned favourite as it brought my love of threads,nature and texture together via Plays With Needles
  4. Tiny Buddha reminded me about the key priority of being kind to myself.
  5. This was also found via Plays with Needles although I would have checked it out myself eventually at Chanel You Tube
  6. Again haunting and beautiful Powerful Portraits at Bored Panda
  7. I've been creating some lace like pieces recently so these images at A Ribbon at A Time were serendipitous 
  8. Reconnecting with my mindful self is so much easier with Kind Over Matter
  9. And who doesn't love a little Daily Dishonesty
Just some of my favourite finds via my Feedly this week.
What have you found worth sharing?


Catherine x

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

9 Favourite Links

My Favourite Links this Week

  1. I love Austin Kleon's books and his observations in his blog
  2. Dr Seuss has been a later in life favourite of mine - this was a great find at Booom
  3. Some great advice from the Craft Doctor via Design Council
  4. I'm not usually one for bug love but these little critters highlighted on Colossal are cute
  5. I love looking at other people's notebooks Alisa Burke's is always worth a look
  6. It's a little chilly here and this Ice and Snow Art found at demilked is amazing
  7. I'm loving the idea of creating this light from Poofy Cheeks found via Craftgawker
  8. The Free Friday tutorials on Craftsy are great I see this collar in my future
  9. I love quotes and the pins chosen by Jammy Dodger are among my favourites
What have you found worth sharing this week?



Monday, 12 January 2015

DIY Challenge - YARN

A Meditative Art Piece - An ideal Handmade Gift - in my Etsy Shop

Last week I told you that I want to take part in some Creative Challenges this year and I'm using the above piece as my entry to the first month in the DIY Challenge at Adventures in Making.

The theme is YARN and I loved the depth and texture the cream yarn brought to this canvas.  I created the letters with a crochet chain base and then used a close knit blanket stitch to cover the chains.  I took my favourite colour, blue, in acrylic and created an ombre effect shading.  I love the resulting calming oceanic effect.

And so, I'm off to post my details off to Rachel at Adventures in Making, and a hop over to Handmade Harbour and check out what lots of other lovely creatives have been up to.

Here's to a Creative Week ahead, and hopefully not too much snow.



Monday, 5 January 2015

9 of My Favourite Things

I had amassed a fair collection of good stuff on my Feedly Feed towards the end of 2014 and have finally worked my way through it all and am planning to make Tuesday the day I share some of the goodness with you.

Traditionally a day for Treasuries, especially if you are an Etsy Buddy I thought I'd stretch the Creative Net a little wider and create my own little Cube of Creative Goodness.

My first set of stars are:
  1. Aaron Draplin - Got to agree with Bobby Solomon @TheFoxisBlack, a great designer and a great video here too.
  2. Aurora Borealis - this is a dream visit of mine,  and the pics on Bored Panda make me want to visit all the more.
  3. The inspiration and tutorials on Graftgawker are amazing and well worth a look.
  4. Nicole Jenkins at Circa Vintage is great for sharing the beauty and knowledge of all things vintage.
  5. Brett at I am The Lab is always good for inspiration and highlighting great designers out there.
  6. I used to love the Sunday night #CBUK twitter chats and still tune into Hilary's wisdom at Craft Blog UK.
  7. Craft Gossip has so many facets - these Wraphia baskets are on my list of makes for 2015- perhaps go with my Gift Making resolution.
  8. Ah Craftivism - I'm planning on doing a lot more of this in 2015.
  9. Another from Bored Panda these comic illustrations by Lucas Levitan will bring a smile to that first work week of the year.
Hope you enjoy my first selection.



Sunday, 4 January 2015

New Year New Word

New Year New Word

Pinch Punch - First Blog of the Month, and the Year.  The above pin sums up my goals for 2015. The words are from Silly Wizard's Ramblin' Rover - a song that brings back a lot of happy memories from my student days or perhaps Student Nights would be more precise.  The Picture is by an old friend whose life was the epitome of the song.  And so bringing them both together brings a phenomenal spirit and promise to 2015.

I intend for 2015 to be the year I curate a Successful Creative Business.  I say "Curate" rather than "Create" because I have put the legwork in over the years and now it's time to bring it all together.

I'll be keeping my Etsy Shop sheeny shiny, regularly updating my website and taking part in more social media interaction on FaceBook and Twitter and Pinterest (not just posting and running away!)

I'm planning to take part in some blog alongs, already checked out The Sewing Directory Year of Handmade Gifts and Adventure in Making's DIY Challenge.  2015 will be all about joining in with the Creative Community.

And talking of community I'll be building on my local connections through my Paisley inspired Creations and sharing my intention of putting the pattern back in Paisley, one piece at a time.  (More on this later in the week).

I'm throwing away the rule books - and sticking with the well proven phrase "There are no Rules - Only Guidelines" (unknown) and looking forward to a Creative and Satisfying 2015.

I hope that your 2015 turns out to be just as meaningful.


Catherine x

Friday, 19 September 2014

The Scottish People Have Spoken

Yes we have, and what did we say:

We said that we are a passionate nation who care deeply about our future
We are a rich nation, and recognise our wealth
We are an intelligent nation and know what is important

It was said that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for independence.   Whilst that may be true for some I believe we are educating a generation that will not stand idly by and let our nation’s education and wealth go unsung.  I still believe that this is a new beginning and not an end.

We may be a little shell shocked and battle weary but we can be proud of the conversations that have been started, the engagement and community that have emerged.

One truth about the Scot’s personalities is that we have a long memory – promises have been made throughout this campaign, and whilst we are in no way surprised by the back-pedalling that had already taken place before the count was complete, we expect promises to be kept.  We have found our way to the polling stations and it won’t be our last visit.

‘Normal’’ if not a new invigorated Service will now resume on my blog page, and the Paisley Yes Badge wil be displayed as a constant reminder of not only what might have been but of a better world to come.

I cannot round off without making comment on Bob Geldof’s ‘follow your head’ argument – a man who has built his popularity through appealing to hearts and emotions – really!!!!!


Que sera


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Today’s the Day....

Art by Richard Richardson

This  day will go down in history – the day of the Scottish Independence Referendum.

For much of my life I have been A-political, not really fussed one way or the other who I voted for because my vote didn’t really make much of a difference.  Today I believe my vote counts – as do so many others.

I am proud to be voting YES – not least because of the positive campaign.  We truly do get more of what we focus on.  And in the months running up to this day we have been focussed on a Scottish Community that cares about our future.

If by some freak of chance the NO vote wins, it will not be an end.  I believe that today is the dawn of a new era for Scotland.  The Scottish people have been given a voice – and once realised – we’re not about to let go of the issues that effect us most.
Never more proud than to be a Scot from Paisley. (A YES Town).

Some Paisley Threads by Me




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