Thursday, 24 July 2014

Focus - What Do You See?

Hilary Pullen (@Haptree at Craft Blog UK) has a great new book out for all you crafters out there who want to get your real virtual empire together.

Jonathan Fields makes some great points about taking ownership of the process – wish I could go to camp with GLP – maybe next year.

Alisa Burke has been busy decorating her daughter’s room as well as providing some great colour inspiration and prepping for a new workshop with her hubbie – a real family affair.

And as per usual Danielle LaPorte has been handing out some great advice especially the tweetable on underpleasing.

I’ve had a lovely week – hope you have too.

And that there's so much more good stuff to come.


Catherine xxx

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Using What We Already Have & Know

In the spirit of my label I’ve been checking out my vortex and using what I already have.

I’ve found some amazing stuff – and used some of it to create some downloadable images here.

I found this Guided Meditation in my archives – please give it a listen.  Hopefully it’ll let you find a little peace in this busy life we all live.

What had you forgotten you already know?

Have a great day – you deserve it.

Catherine xxx

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Been Getting Some Creative/Craft Therapy

With my last post I was committing to writing 3 books by September.  I’d like to say I’ve been off the radar because I’ve been busy writing, I could, but that wouldn’t be entirely true.
Loving my new Clutter Free Space

That’s not to say I’ve not been busy.  I have finally got rid of all my household clutter.  Rebecca McLoughlin posed a question on a recent newsletter asking ‘why do we hang on to the clutter’.  This got me thinking and brought one of those a-ha moments.  I really had reached that stage where if I were to clear away those final pieces, add those finishing touches I would have no more excuses to stop me from following my authentic path.  I have known for quite some time now that the only person stopping me from doing what I want is me.   Knowing and doing something about is are two entirely different things, and two that I have now brought together.  I am loving the spaciousness of my new found clutter free home.

As well as creating this wonderful space I have been spending time in the company of some great creative people.

I visited the Great Tapestry of Scotland when it visited Paisley - some amazing pieces and interesting to know that what is now looked upon as new age mindfulness was already out there way back when history was in the making.

I found my first self help investment, Fiona Harrold's Be Your Own Life Coach, I've been reconnecting with Fiona and revisiting past lessons learnt.

I enjoyed the Transformational Author Experience with Christine Kloser, so many mindfully creative people in one place, so much info and inspiration, and so much good stuff.

I took some time to catch up with all the creative goodness that is Creative Mornings and I think Dallas Clayton is my favourite find so far, his kid lessons were thought provoking enough but his reading at the end is a masterpiece.

And as well as all this I've also been working on my Creative Abundance Centre, it's not quite ready, you can watch it come together by clicking on the tab at the top of the page.

Hope this finds you smiling on the inside and out.
Catherine x


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