Monday, 2 December 2013

Diving Into the Seasonal Magic

And Opting out of the Holiday Madness

I'm setting out a new tradition, one that suits our truly authentic life.  I chose my word for this year back in January (in this post), True.  And 2013 had brought with it life challenges that have highlighted just how true my life needs to be.

I'm looking forward to spending the next 3 weeks with a community of Creative women.  And upgrading my lessons from 2013 in order to take this new truth forward to 2014.


Sunday, 1 December 2013

Chilling out for Christmas

For those who have stuck with me through this year, Thank You.  As you may know 2013 has been a challenge in so many ways. So, I've decided to to take December out - focusing on my own Handmade Christmas and prepping for 2014 and beyond.

For my prep I'm delighted to be able to put my prize from Molly Mahar (for my Pinterest Quote)  to good use and will be taking part in the Holiday Council.  I  am so looking forward to spending December with a community of creative women - definitely just what I need.

So, I'm off to get my Christmas Card design for this year done - so far it looks a bit like this...

The background is a canvas I had in our old kitchen I'm planning on painting it a cloudy midnight blue.  I just have to add some words to my embroidery work.  Having spent the afternoon chilling out watching Craft Wars I'm feeling inspired and getting ready to dust up some of that Christmas Sparkle.

Namaste and Happy Holidays




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