Thursday, 31 May 2012

Aversion to Should - Good or Bad

I have learnt through time - quite a lot of time - that the 'shoulds' in my life have mainly been created by others.  Some by me but with major influence from others. But mainly by others.

My first excursion into the world of therapy/counselling found me telling my counsellor what I believed I 'should' be doing, 'should' be thinking, just 'should' be.  It doesn't take long to figure out where the 'shoulds' come from.  From family, 'friends', peers, elders, teachers, prophets and priests - basically anyone who has had any major, or minor, influence on your life.

As addictive a personality as I may have I find that when I realise that someone has been doing me or mine wrong I have a tendency to cut them out of my life completely.  A tendency to deny them any influence and to shun any idea, good or bad, they may have.

You do realise that there's a 'but' coming or at least a 'however'.  So, here it comes.  I have been giving some thought to some of those 'shoulds' that are out there that I've put on the black list.  Perhaps I should be getting some exercise - being out of puff when you've climbed the stairs to your apartment is not a good thing (I live on the first floor not the fourth).  And maybe I should be using a moisturiser that suits my skins age - it really is looking sluggish.  But then that could be because perhaps I should be eating more healthy foods and less fast food deliveries and less coke (of the fizzy variety).

So I am letting some of the 'shoulds' back into my life before I put on another 3 stone or need resuccitation after just getting home.  There will be weekly yoga sessions, healthy eating and exercising.  Here goes.....

Catherine @ The MacsX

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Letting The Notebook Go

The notebook I had before my current one cost me £1.99 from Asda it was square ruled and had a black hard bound cover and it was a favourite.  So much so that when it came time to let it go I found myself searching for space that I maybe hadn't used as well as I could have with sticky notes highlighting pages all over the shop I just found it really difficult to let go.

There are various reasons for this:

There's the plain and simple change phenomenon, changing to another book is just not the same. Duh.  And I had decided that I am not buying anything new whilst I have a stock of available notebooks I have built up over the years.  A slight addiction to stationery I believe is very common amongst creatives.

There is the fact that said notebook was my first of 2012 and it is filled with a lot of a-ha moments and highlighted product ideas, business building ideas, quotes from my recently gathered virtual creative clan.  It is the book that shows my authentic breakthrough.  It is a pretty powerful book.

And there is the fact that it just felt right.  It was just the right size, had a handy pocket at the back and although it held a decent number of pages it was pretty lightweight - notebooks can play havoc with the weight of a girl's shoulder bag.

I have finally said adieu to my little black book.  I know I will revisit it, perhaps at a time that it will not have the same magical hold over me.  And as much as I have put a stop to my stationery addiction I am sure that if I ever see one in Asda (or anywhere else for that matter) again I'll find it difficult to resist.  I did see a similar one in Waterstones the other day but at £9.99 I just wasn't willing to fall off the waggon.

Despite what the title of this blog may suggest I am not advocating the abolition of notebooks just my letting this one go.

Catherine @ The MacsX

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cosying up with My Kindle

I do love my Kindle.  Not least of all because I can fall asleep without it getting crumpled and it turns itself off, and keeps my place, not just in one book but in the multiple books that I am now reading concurrently.

I've only had my Kindle for a few months but it is jam packed with good stuff.  There is some good chic lit on there with Build A Man by Talli Roland and Bitch Proof Suit by De-ann Black, some non fiction with a creative/craft edge to it with The Dress by Sophie Nicholls and some Kiki Lowenstein adventures by Joanna Campbell.

A few of my virtual mentors are in there too.  Danielle La Porte reads The Fire Starter Sessions.  As much as I had got used to the female Kindle voice reading Brene Brown's Gifts of Imperfection hearing a less virtual voice does make a difference.

I am really loving my Kindle and trying to take some time out each day to catch up with some of the stuff/folks on there.  Writing reviews on what I have read is on my list of things to do but it is closely approaching it's 5th appearance and so it not really top of my priorities, it's more something I'd quite like to do than something I really want to do.

Lots of summer reading in there to be getting on with.

Catherine @ The MacsX

Monday, 28 May 2012

Mindful Monday

As you may know I've been spending a little time each day getting me some headspace at getsomeheadspace and have been recommending it to anyone who'll listen.  Andy Puddicombe's voice is also a bonus.  (on a completely irrelevant side bar when you spell check Puddicombe you get pedicab)

Starting with just 10 minutes each day, building up to 20 and learning about mindfulness along the way has definitely helped me a lot over the last few weeks.

Like I said I highly recommend this to anyone, that said just taking 10 minutes out the day, time to yourself, is a great help in getting yourself centred and can make all the difference to the rest of your day.  We'll be talking about mindfulness in The Green Room this week.

And Monday is a really good day to get yourself started on that.

Have a great day.

Catherine @ The MacsX

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Usual Sunday BS

Went through my Sunday BS  in the park this morning.  Life really doesn't get any better than this...

What's been happening with me this week?

Well it's been quite an eventful week - lots going on and now lots to be done:

I received details of my swap partner for the House of Pinheiro Pin Cushion swap, Denise from Becky De Crafts.  I've started work on Denise's pin cushion already, keeping with the London theme that I'm going to be doing some work on for....

I booked my place on Craft Fest and serendipity has placed me in the Blue Team (blue being my favourite colour.  Be prepared for a lot of self and Blue Team promotion over the next couple of weeeeks, something I'm not really used to, not entirely comfortable with so a good place to be.

Also on the uncomfortable front and jumping on the writing 101 task of 'Taking Action'  I have completed my application to join the Entrepreneurial Spark at their Glasgow Hatchery - giving me some more public accountability and the possibility of getting to know like minded folks, learn from those that have been there and all in a real life environment.

The Etsy merchandising desk is already talking about Christmas - this year I will be jumping on that bandwagon as in the past I have poo-pooed it and then been to late when I eventually got round to doing something so I will be one of those sad people making Christmas stuff in June/July - I'll also be taking the advice from Rebecca at Shiny Pigeon and starting my Christmas shopping/making.

WOW - my word of the week

it-uh-rey-shuhn (iteration)

it's a process characterized by early release of a product or idea, and gradual improvement over time in response to continuous feedback and something I'm trying to do with The MacsX.

So, it has been an eventful week like I said and now I'm going to have a really busy week, here's hoping the weather stays sun shiny too.

The Park really was gorgeous this morning...

Have a great week

Catherine @ The MacsX xoxo

Saturday, 26 May 2012

My Pinterest

Like I say in my profile on Pinterest I love the idea of Pinterest and the hope that it is going to clear a lot of shelf space in my studio 9so many clippings).

It's funny when I go onto twitter/facebook/my blog here I always give a quick look to the possibility of new followers/readers but with Pinterest I just dive right in there and enjoy the creativity and beauty of the pins.

This morning I was instantly drawn to this picture.  My initial reaction was I'm already part way there as I look out of my beautiful big dorma window and my pay more attention reaction was I am sooo there.  I can already hear the waves and feel the sunshine (despite the sound of buses outside my own space).

I have various Pinterest boards: Punktuation, Holiday Season, Wedded Bliss, Inspirational Quotes, Shrug, Vintage Fashion, Chanel Inspiration, London Calling, Pink, Fire, Time, Blog References, Just For Fun; Treasury; My First Etsy Treasury; Soundtrack; Zen; Places; Pin a Day; Watch; Crafty Bits and Pieces; Wishes; Pamper; Business; Food; Kindle; Books; Inspirational People; Doors; Looks; Paris; New York; Home; Tattoo Pics; Halloween Costumes, Etsy.   The board I add to most is probably Inspirational Quotes as there seem to be so many of them, or perhaps that's what I'm drawn to.  This board holds a lot of images as well as words - in fact the image above went on there this morning after I'd given it a little more attention having posted it on my 'Home' board (because it is sooo my next living room).  The images on the Quotes board conjure up a lot of inspirations in my mind and will more than likely make it onto this blog or as my Pin for the day, or both.  All said the board I probably visit most is the 'Soundtrack' one when I get all melancholic and want to listen to a blast from the past - think I need to add some "Summer Lovin" on there with all this sunshine going around.

A recent addition to the boards has been "Just For Fun" because we all need some of that too.

Happy Saturday and Enjoy The Sunshine.

Catherine @ The MacsX

Friday, 25 May 2012

Time Out/Scroll To Top

Sound Advice - I definitely plan on taking it just as soon as this has been posted.

Catherine @ The MacsX

p.s. just to save me from my usual promotional trip after this
please feel free to follow me on facebook, check me out on pinterest, give me a tweet or check out my Etsy Shop

It's Friday and it really is too warm for work.

Off to chill xoxo

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Upstyling My Life Jacket

I am now a firm believer in putting on your own life jacket first.  In the past I have used up all my resources saving others from drowning, so much so I missed the waves coming to swallow me up.  But no more.

I'm hoping that through The MacsX I can help others learn to do the same.  And all can be safe in the knowledge that I 'm there fully equipped - there will be no drowning on my watch.  Perhaps some flailing and splashing about but no lives will be lost.

Definitely could do with some splashing about in this weather.

Catherine @ The MacsX

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wednesday Window on My World

Wednesday is my favourite day of the week.  It's the day I've given up my day job - still working on re framing the other 4 days.

So on a Wednesday I get to plug into the creative world for the day.  I get to have coffee with creative friends and family.

Today I register with Craft Fest - so need to get me a list of to do's for that, hopefully getting some do's done before they even reach the list.

I looked into finding me some creative cohorts.  I have my Entrepreneurial Spark application on my desk - next big step is actually filling it in.

Found some new music to listen to - amazing what comes to you through Twitter - Paul Jay definitely worth a listen (playing in the background as we blog).

Got lots done - and all while the sunshine shone through my great big window on the world.

If only every day could be Wednesday.

Catherine @ The MacsX

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sticking with The Self Help Theme

'Self Help - Really?' by TheMacsX

















Sticking with the Self Help theme I decided to see what Etsy had to offer. And so created the above treasury.  All that and I got to try out the treasury tool at Red Row Studio as recommended on iMake

Sometimes of course you can get a little self help by doing some shopping instead - although that's perhaps not the 'good' kind - guess it depends what you consider to be 'good'

Catherine @ The MacsX


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