Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Time - Doing What I Want When I Want (maybe)

I followed the Creating Time Event with Marney K Makridakis recently - giving a whole new perspective on time - this was my favourite clock.


Today was meant to be the day I relaunched my website - anyone checking in yesterday would've noticed the bit of a grey day so relaunch is a little off - this tied in with the fact that my son decided to make microwave popcorn with the timer left on a little too long.  Who'd have known popcorn could be such a mess.  So today was relaunch in the land of me and given the elasticity of time I was going to dive in and give myself a 24 hour extension.

But I want everyone (everyone that gets it) to look at my site and give it a big 'Hell Yeah' so I'm giving it an extra couple of days.

I'll give you all a big shout at the weekend - and it's a holiday one too.

This is my favourite clock at home:

Catherine @ The MacsX

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