Thursday, 31 May 2012

Aversion to Should - Good or Bad

I have learnt through time - quite a lot of time - that the 'shoulds' in my life have mainly been created by others.  Some by me but with major influence from others. But mainly by others.

My first excursion into the world of therapy/counselling found me telling my counsellor what I believed I 'should' be doing, 'should' be thinking, just 'should' be.  It doesn't take long to figure out where the 'shoulds' come from.  From family, 'friends', peers, elders, teachers, prophets and priests - basically anyone who has had any major, or minor, influence on your life.

As addictive a personality as I may have I find that when I realise that someone has been doing me or mine wrong I have a tendency to cut them out of my life completely.  A tendency to deny them any influence and to shun any idea, good or bad, they may have.

You do realise that there's a 'but' coming or at least a 'however'.  So, here it comes.  I have been giving some thought to some of those 'shoulds' that are out there that I've put on the black list.  Perhaps I should be getting some exercise - being out of puff when you've climbed the stairs to your apartment is not a good thing (I live on the first floor not the fourth).  And maybe I should be using a moisturiser that suits my skins age - it really is looking sluggish.  But then that could be because perhaps I should be eating more healthy foods and less fast food deliveries and less coke (of the fizzy variety).

So I am letting some of the 'shoulds' back into my life before I put on another 3 stone or need resuccitation after just getting home.  There will be weekly yoga sessions, healthy eating and exercising.  Here goes.....

Catherine @ The MacsX

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