Saturday, 26 May 2012

My Pinterest

Like I say in my profile on Pinterest I love the idea of Pinterest and the hope that it is going to clear a lot of shelf space in my studio 9so many clippings).

It's funny when I go onto twitter/facebook/my blog here I always give a quick look to the possibility of new followers/readers but with Pinterest I just dive right in there and enjoy the creativity and beauty of the pins.

This morning I was instantly drawn to this picture.  My initial reaction was I'm already part way there as I look out of my beautiful big dorma window and my pay more attention reaction was I am sooo there.  I can already hear the waves and feel the sunshine (despite the sound of buses outside my own space).

I have various Pinterest boards: Punktuation, Holiday Season, Wedded Bliss, Inspirational Quotes, Shrug, Vintage Fashion, Chanel Inspiration, London Calling, Pink, Fire, Time, Blog References, Just For Fun; Treasury; My First Etsy Treasury; Soundtrack; Zen; Places; Pin a Day; Watch; Crafty Bits and Pieces; Wishes; Pamper; Business; Food; Kindle; Books; Inspirational People; Doors; Looks; Paris; New York; Home; Tattoo Pics; Halloween Costumes, Etsy.   The board I add to most is probably Inspirational Quotes as there seem to be so many of them, or perhaps that's what I'm drawn to.  This board holds a lot of images as well as words - in fact the image above went on there this morning after I'd given it a little more attention having posted it on my 'Home' board (because it is sooo my next living room).  The images on the Quotes board conjure up a lot of inspirations in my mind and will more than likely make it onto this blog or as my Pin for the day, or both.  All said the board I probably visit most is the 'Soundtrack' one when I get all melancholic and want to listen to a blast from the past - think I need to add some "Summer Lovin" on there with all this sunshine going around.

A recent addition to the boards has been "Just For Fun" because we all need some of that too.

Happy Saturday and Enjoy The Sunshine.

Catherine @ The MacsX

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