Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Letting The Notebook Go

The notebook I had before my current one cost me £1.99 from Asda it was square ruled and had a black hard bound cover and it was a favourite.  So much so that when it came time to let it go I found myself searching for space that I maybe hadn't used as well as I could have with sticky notes highlighting pages all over the shop I just found it really difficult to let go.

There are various reasons for this:

There's the plain and simple change phenomenon, changing to another book is just not the same. Duh.  And I had decided that I am not buying anything new whilst I have a stock of available notebooks I have built up over the years.  A slight addiction to stationery I believe is very common amongst creatives.

There is the fact that said notebook was my first of 2012 and it is filled with a lot of a-ha moments and highlighted product ideas, business building ideas, quotes from my recently gathered virtual creative clan.  It is the book that shows my authentic breakthrough.  It is a pretty powerful book.

And there is the fact that it just felt right.  It was just the right size, had a handy pocket at the back and although it held a decent number of pages it was pretty lightweight - notebooks can play havoc with the weight of a girl's shoulder bag.

I have finally said adieu to my little black book.  I know I will revisit it, perhaps at a time that it will not have the same magical hold over me.  And as much as I have put a stop to my stationery addiction I am sure that if I ever see one in Asda (or anywhere else for that matter) again I'll find it difficult to resist.  I did see a similar one in Waterstones the other day but at £9.99 I just wasn't willing to fall off the waggon.

Despite what the title of this blog may suggest I am not advocating the abolition of notebooks just my letting this one go.

Catherine @ The MacsX

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  1. Hi I use to be like that with my diary but then my daughter bought me a FiloFax :) maybe that would be an Idea for a swap a Note book swap. :) hope you find a suitable one soon



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