Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wednesday Window on My World

Wednesday is my favourite day of the week.  It's the day I've given up my day job - still working on re framing the other 4 days.

So on a Wednesday I get to plug into the creative world for the day.  I get to have coffee with creative friends and family.

Today I register with Craft Fest - so need to get me a list of to do's for that, hopefully getting some do's done before they even reach the list.

I looked into finding me some creative cohorts.  I have my Entrepreneurial Spark application on my desk - next big step is actually filling it in.

Found some new music to listen to - amazing what comes to you through Twitter - Paul Jay definitely worth a listen (playing in the background as we blog).

Got lots done - and all while the sunshine shone through my great big window on the world.

If only every day could be Wednesday.

Catherine @ The MacsX

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