Monday, 28 January 2013

Tuesday's Treasures - Love is the Word

Pop over to Etsy and check out this week's treasures.

'Love is the Word' by TheMacsX

Getting ready for the V day

















Do you have a favourite Treasure
Treasure the Day
Catherine xxx

Handmade Monday - Valentines Prep

This week I'm working on a whole new look for my blog, my online shop and beyond.  So I'm keeping blog entries short and sweet.  Who knows, it may be the way forward?

So, I've been working on this...

Some Huggable Hearts waiting to make a cushion
and this...

Soon to be another cushion

And using art I've already created, this...

From Textured Art to Needlework Art

Take a trip over to Handmade Harbour
And see some wonderful craft work.
                                         Catherine xxx

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Usual Sunday BS - When Life Takes Over

As January draws to a close so does my soul searching sabbatical.  I've started my journey that 'May Cause Miracles' and am keeping on the 'Simple Abundance' path.  With the miracle mindset the 7th day of each week is one for reflection and preparation - very fitting for my Usual Sunday BS.

So this week I have managed to get some embroidery done and have panels ready for making cushions.  And I am definitely getting to grips with working with what I've already got.  So much so that I'm not only using this credo for materials I already have but also for ideas I have already created.  Hence I intend to make some needlework pieced using artwork I have already created.

Art I've already Got
 Everyday life has taken over a little in the latter half of the week, just a swift reminder of what is truly important in life.  The miraculous mindset has helped me see the love - but I can't say that it hasn't been challenging.  Watching a loved one grappling with anxiety can be exhausting on so many levels.  It is exhausting just watching and seeing the greater good in it all is a major mindset transformation, one I'm not sure I've really got down yet.

Anyways with the week ahead I will soldier on (I've been listening to Gavin DeGraw a lot recently).

Continue to
Let the Love Shine Through.
Catherine xxx

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Another Full Moon Dream Board - Howling

To see all the other dreamers boards click here.

What’s on your board?
Catherine xxx

Four Pins and Sunshine Combined

Still working on my miracles - the 6th day of each week will be about seeing the miracles.  So with my new found and wonderful affirmation of 'I believe in miracles'  I am focusing on the positive.  The past few days have be a bit manic and I'm sure that the 'May Cause Miracles' perspective has helped me through.

So some miraculous pins:

Miracle Stairs
Yes they can.
Hanging on in there.
Don't forget

Are you believing in miracles?
Catherine xxx


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