Thursday, 17 January 2013

Today's Thoughtful Thread - One Word

Looking at the World through Rose Tinted Glasses

My initial intention when I started writing this blog was to document my journey on the path to creating my own business and achieving my ideal life.  I guess  I kind of got caught up in the day to day of everything and lost focus for quite some time.  Well, I've got my pink blinkers back on and am ready to not only document the journey but get back on the path.

I've been checking out Gaby Bernstein's  'May Cause Miracles' and Marianne Cantwell's 'Be a Free Range Human' and I'm sure will be referencing these over the next few weeks.  What's different about my getting back on the path this time?  I'm looking at things from a different angle.  I've realised that what I really want to share is my path back to and onward with my authentic self .

I don't make any apologies for this sometimes getting a bit 'touchy feely' or ' new age' because what I intend for it to be is real.  And a-ha I have just realised my word for this year TRUE.

That is my aim for this year to be TRUE to myself, to live the authentic life that is everything I want and need timed to perfection in the plans of the universe.

I have toyed with various words over the past few weeks as I'd decided 'no resolutions' just a simple intention as seems to be the trend in Blogland this year.  And I have literally just found it....

What's your word? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Word Finding
Catherine xxx

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