Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Tuesday's Treasures - Inspirations

Here are some treasures I’ve found over the years.
16 inspirational people that have shared some love with the world.

These are just 16 of my all stars - there are so many more and I continue to be amazed with how easy it is to connect with inspirational people through social media and the world wide web.

And today brings Day 2 of my work on miracles.
Today's Affirmation 
'I am willing to see this differently, I am willing to see love.'  
It is amazing how this different perspective can make the day go so much smoother. It's interesting to see the things we actually fear.  I have avoided putting together my 'big list' for some time now.  Afraid that there will be too much on it is one view another is the fear of actually starting.  But no more the list has been put together and now it's time to get working on it
Looking forward to some wishcasting and unveiling tomorrow.
Catherine xxx

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