Sunday, 13 January 2013

Usual Sunday BS - As Intended

Coming out of the fug that was 2012 
regrouping on my authentic path.

When I started my usual Sunday BS it was a as a means of recapping on the week, seeing where I'd got to on my authentic path and planning the next weeks excursions.  This was facilitated by the fact that I had an hour to sit in my car waiting on my son completing Goalie training and so had time to think and write.  I somehow lost my momentum on this one and with the dawning of a new year am pulling up my britches (never really called them that before) and getting back on the path.

So, what's been going on this past week (and some).   I've been pinning some pretty cool stuff over at Pinterest and thought I would use one of the pins to summarise my getting back on the Authentic Path:

Pinned this week    
I found this pin over at Bits of Truth and felt the magic of my intentions for 2013 and as I was prepping collecting my links etc I found this one:

 The smile it brought (and still does) meant I just had to add it.

So, that about sums up the motivation and momentum I've been building lately and brings me to my intentions for this week.

My Etsy shop still remains closed - I am rescheduling the re-opening date to 26th January because that is when I'll be posting my New Moon Dream Board and my gut just tells me that's the date to go with.  (That and I still have a lot to do on getting projects and photos ready.)

I'm going to be revamping things around here - and starting Monday 20th January I'm going to be chronicling  my journey through May Cause Miracles with Gaby Bernstein along with my daily topics and my mosey along the Simple Abundance Path with Sarah Ban Breathnach - I'm keeping some pretty good company these days (if only on the virtual plane - but it's all part of the 'one').

So, I'm going to be working the bejesus out of getting my new, improved, revamped products ready for the 26th and getting everything rebranded.   It promises to be a busy and challenging week.

Here’s to a fruitful and fruit full week.
Catherine xxx

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