Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tuesday Treasury - Pantone Emerald and Different Treasures

Usually for this post I create a treasury over at Etsy - as I've been taking a bit of an easy route around January I've cheated a little by featuring someone else's treasury:

'Pantone's Color of the Year 2013' by catiesblue

I'm totally on board with Pantone's pick for their Color of the Year - how about you?

















Finding this treasury lead me to finding a treasure of a different kind.  This gorgeous Emerald treasury was created by Brandi Hussey at Brandi Girl BlogJust a quick glance has got me hooked, quoting guiding lights I have already been inspired by e.g Danielle La Porte and Matt Cheuvront and showing beautiful colour references. Brandi's post today nods to the Pantone Emerald and I'm sure this treasury will be featuring soon.

So, originally inspired by the Pantone colours for Spring this post has become more of an ode to the inspirational folks that are out there in the blogosphere.  It would seem I'm really having a time of everything I want and need coming my way. (That's a whole other post and then some.)

Perhaps next week I'll go with a treasury of guiding lights.  My mind is already working overtime on that one.

Thank you for the inspiration
And a Treasured Week is wished for all.
Catherine xxx

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  1. I meant to write this when I first saw it, and totally forgot. But I just wanted to say thanks for the feature! Much appreciated!



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