Monday, 7 May 2012

May Day - And Can I Cope?

I'm feeling rather nostalgic today.  Whenever I'm asked about the best day of my life (so far) May 7th is always one that springs to mind.  I'm sitting here in my studio playing the theme from Local Hero and smiling, this is the way to spend a bank holiday. (Albeit I have been working mega hard today - it's all been creative so GOOD WORK - the kind 'they' can't take away from you {whoever 'they' may be}).
Anyways before my rambling (labelled as thought for Andy Puddicombe) leads you to thinking I have gone completely mad back to this post.

So first my nod to nostalgia, on this day 1984 a group of us studious students, about a week before finals, took off for the day.  We had what we called a 'two fingers to the rest of the world' day, a day  completely free from stress and strain.  We made a picnic and went to the banks of Loch Lomond for the day.  I recommend that everyone should have one of these days every so often.  The sun was shining as we set off for the day and had well and truly set by the time we returned around 7am the following morning.  My son would find it hard to believe but on our way back the only place we could stop for coffee was Glasgow Airport, this was way before the days of 24hr opening.  Anyways to all who were there that day, and all who suffered the raves about the day for many years after a big 'how you doing to you and do you still 'wonder what the poor people are doing tonight'?  Oh and Happy Anniversary to the couple who got married on the same day a good few years later. xx

And back to today - The is 'on' the lights have gone on and The Green Room is now open.  This is the room The MacsX was originally conceived from - somewhere for life coaching, chilling out and genuine no bull shit coping mechanisms for life.  With the major ingredient being your willingness to want to live your authentic life.  I am so looking forward to growing this space and to meeting so many like minded people on the journey.

Catherine@TheMacsX xx

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