Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Usual Sunday BS

Today I am writing to communicate my 'Regular Sunday BS' and to complete my assignment for writing 101.  In attempt to improve my writing I've jumped on this e-course and am today writing to you through me - i.e. just writing to one person, I've chosen what some might see as the easy option writing to me - because I already get me and where I'm coming from so this should be a breeze because it really is all about the easy.
What's happened this week.  I'm not sure whether to be proud because this week I really cleaned house - physically cleaned, it was my first truly grown up clean and it reinforced my belief that - 'being grown up is totally over-rated'.

I learnt that my application for a scholarship at B-School was unsuccessful.  So I'm sending love and light to all those who succeeded.  I'll be checking our their vids over the coming weeks and figuring what I can approve on and will be starting my fund for next year.

Discoveries and learning's this week included Craft Fest, Jim Collins' Hedgehog Concept and Evernote.

Craftfest was pointed out by fellow blogger, Pearletta at Divine Choice Creations, and is making me think about virtual craft fairs and how well suited they would be to introverts, a subject for the future and a possible product development.

Jim Collins' Hedgehog Concept highlighted the whole 'do what you are passionate about' and 'can make money from' idea I truly got it.  What I didn't get is why it's called the 'Hedgehog' concept, it's pretty smooth, no prickly bits.  I guess I'm going to have to give a holler out there to ask if anyone knows why.  I've already tried the 'google it' approach.

And Evernote, well there is a little elephant on the bottom of my screen right now and I plan to get to know him a whole lot better over the coming weeks.

As far as my to-do list for last week goes I got 2/8 done.  Either  1. I was really lazy or lacked focus and done nothing all week or 2. I put the wrong things on the list.  I am not a fan of to-do list but I am working on using them productively, and putting the good stuff on them (good does not always mean fun).

Reading this week has been kind of all over the place - a lot of Google Reader (becoming a bit of an addictive behaviour), still dipping in and out of The Firestarter Sessions - audio playing in the background a lot, and finished Jo Nesbo's Phantom, in a way I'm glad to see an end to Harry Hole, I'm being more selective about who I spend my time with this weather. This week I'm jumping into Imagine: How Creativity Works, I'll let your know.

Some public accountability for this coming week.  Definitely getting creative, getting to work on a number of projects soon as I finish here. Definitely adding to Etsy Tuesday and Thursday, updating various MacsX pages Mon, Tues and Wed and generally getting out there on the webisphere and promoting the bejesus out of my business.
So, that's the plan or it could all just be BS.

Catherine @ The MacsX


  1. Let me know how you get on. Yes that's right I haven't taken it up. I know all about being an introvert so I am looking forward to seeing what you think.

    I loved the video - made me feel so much better about my blocks. It's all part of the process. I guess that's what they mean by suffering for your craft.

    Nevr tried Evernote although I've heard of it. Is it really helpful then? Do you really feel more organised?

    1. Thanks so much I love these kinds of clips - still getting to grips with Evernote should have a better idea by the end of the week when I check on my weekly collections from the webisphere.



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