Friday, 1 June 2012

Accountability - How Does That Work?

I initially launched The MacsX in September 2009.  I have played at launching various modes of creative businesses for the majority of my 'grown up' life.  The lack of progress in earlier adaptations is a result of a myriad of circumstances and happenstances not least of all being a lack of accountability.

I could say I didn't shout about my previous businesses for a number of reasons.

There is the old 'fear of failure' excuse.  Frightened it won't work so don't share the idea, a bit of a bum biting scenario with  that one as, if you don't share essentially you don't promote, pretty difficult to succeed if no one knows you're there.

Equally there is the 'fear of success' not quite sure what I'd do if it really worked so again no sharing.

Then there's the old stop start, not completely committed to what it is I'm doing scenario.  Or perhaps the, haven't really found it yet.  I knew I wanted to be creative, knew what I was good at.  The problem being that what you're good at isn't always what you enjoy.  I guess part of the problem was also trying to pigeon hole things.  And lack of definition lead to lack of sharing yet again.

And if you don't share you're not really accountable to anyone but yourself.  So this time I'm going for the public accountability sharing here, on twitter and on my website.  I am getting a little tougher on myself in being accountable to myself and I believe that's because I'm putting my commitments out there.  Who do you answer to?

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