Friday, 8 June 2012

My Favourite Pinterest Board - Words and Pictures

Sorry - fell off the radar yesterday, unbelievable sinus headache beginning to ebb now and so much to do for Craftfest....

I'd say that my favourite board on my Pinterest is 'Inspirational Quotes'.  One thing I have learnt about myself over the past few years is that I love words.  Especially phrases that just sum up one of those things we've all been trying to say, or avoid saying for forever.


Some of you may have noticed that not all of my 'Inspirational Quotes' have words.  I believe that some pictures just done need words.  Although some of the pictures I have chosen because I feel they may later call forward some further inspirational words.

Well, off to get some products ready for Craftfest.  Only 4 days to go (and sooooo much to do.).

Happy Wednesday.

Catherine @ The MacsX

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