Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sunshine Saturday - And A Big Thank You

A holiday weekend.  The sun is shining.  And best of all I received my Pin Cushion Swap from my swap partner Denise from Becky De Crafts in the mail.  And it is gorgeous; a miniature cup and saucer pin cushion with a sweet little cream (felt) biscuit on the side.  The picture doesn't really do it justice as I just had to take it now so I could tell everyone about it.  I promise to take some better ones in my studio and use them in a later blog. What a lovely way to start a Sunshine Saturday let alone a lovely long weekend.

I only hope that Denise enjoys my offering as much.  I went for the London/Jubilee theme with a Little Ben with Now/When/Me and Tea times on his face and a little needle book attached with my pastel union jack heart on the front.  I used purple felt for the needle holder as Denise had already said how much she loved felt.

So that's the start to my weekend were this to be as good as it gets I can only say Thank You.

After all if that is the only prayer we ever say then that will be enough - and enough is goooood.

Happy Long Weekend Everyone.  xoxo

Catherine @ The MacsX


  1. So glad you liked it. Thank you for mine it arrived today, It is so cute I love it. brighten up my day.



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