Monday, 11 June 2012

Visiting Craft Fairs - Impostor Syndrome

The problem with craft fairs are there are too many crafters.  Crafting is an appreciative pastime.  Us crafters love to spread the love and admire each others work.  And over at CRAFTfest this week there is so much to admire.  Oh so much.

I am loving all the beautiful pieces at Personal Space Interiors

And the Crochet delights at Mammazoom's, especially this little Fedora

And bridesmaid's dresses at Gilly Gray are to die for

I could go on and on and on - but really go look for yourself...

As an aside the title for this piece mentions Impostor Syndrome and that's what I feel when I'm amongst these great crafters and artists.  I know that my pieces are good - I just have trouble believing it sometimes, especially when in a way I've already moved on.  As do so many of us creatives - we've already created the next piece in our heads (or maybe that's just me).

Happy Making Monday. (What's left of it - it may not seem like much but it's amazing what you can do in an hour or so.)

Catherine @ The MacsX

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