Wednesday, 6 June 2012

If You Resent Your Day Job Holla...

Holla..... Holla..... Holla.....

Wednesday is the one Monday to Friday day I don't resent my day job because I don't have to go.   But as I was told by a previous boss I really don't 'have' to go.  I 'choose' to go.  Yes, the rent does have to be paid and we do have to eat but that job is not the only one out there.  And so, yes, I do choose to go there on a daily basis, at least for four days of the week.

So as I've been on my meditational journey I have learnt to re frame my thoughts around my day job.  This day job allows me to be there only five and a half hours a day four days a week, it gives me Wednesdays to devote fully to my Creative Business, lots of additional time throughout the week to do the same with, and the flexibility of weekends to spend with family and friends and tie up loose ends.  All in all it's quite a good deal.

I now choose to see my day job as an enabler.  To enable me to build my creative business and work toward living my fully authentic life.  I no longer choose to blame my day job for me not achieving these goals.  I choose now to place the focus on the positive and to take responsibility for making things happen.

So, having read the Fire Starter Sessions and listened to the audio version I feel reignited and ready to burn.

Catherine @ The MacsX

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