Saturday, 23 June 2012

Saturday Sunshine - Stolen Moments

Fell off the radar for a while there - probably down to sleep deprivation, it never seems to go away.

Anyways given the everyday stresses I seem to have been encountering EVERY day recently I've decided to take some time just for me and what better way to do that than to delve into some 'Simple Abundnce'.  It's been a while but I just love the calm that comes over me as I read through the day's gift from Sarah Ban Breathnacht.  And somehow it always brings the needed message.

Today's about finding solitude.  Finding that precious time for yourself , time to unwind and recharge the batteries.  So that's just what I intend to do today.  Somehow, over the past few months, I've managed to fill up that time I had carved out for me.  It's funny, we spend every waking and sleeping hour in our own company but still manage to forget that we are there.

So I am welcoming myself back and indulging myself in some quality time and the promise of lots more to come.  When was the last time you listened to your constant companion?

Have a fun weekend.

Catherine @ The MacsX

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