Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Growing Up at 45 (or there abouts)

What is this growing up they talk of?  Taking responsibility? Being mature? Being in charge?  Being a parent?  All or none of the above.  Every so often someone will ask my 12 year old son what he wants to be when he grows up.  And I almost scream "leave him alone, I'm 47 and I haven't figured that one out yet".  Is there an advantage to having a life plan at 12, or does it take the shambles of 40 odd years to gain any direction.

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All too often these days we hear the story of the accomplished "such and such" that discovered in their later years that they never really wanted to be a "such and such" and would much rather be a "so and so", or a "so and such", or a "such and so" or just "so".

What is most bewildering is when we find that what we really want can be traced back to those simple years when all we wanted to do was draw all day, or tinker with mechano.  We beat ourselves up and trudge so many paths in our attempt to find 'our way' and essentially it's always been there.  We just forgot, or had it overshadowed and overtaken with ideas of what "should" be.  I have built a real aversion to the "should" word over the last few years.

And then comes the biggest contradiction of all.  It would seem that truly growing up means letting go of the beliefs and constrictions of others, standing on your own two feet and basically listening to your inner child.

Is there a way of cutting out all the crap and letting out children keep the inner child and remain on their true path.  I wish I knew but like so many of life's great questions the answer will come when "the time is right" - but "right" for who?

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All a bit deep really - still I'd best get to work lots to do if I'm to get all my pages sorted out here and get all the Creative Runway info out there.

Lots more - not too much later

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