Monday, 4 June 2012

A Serendipitous Strawberry Moon

Apparently the Full Strawberry Moon asks "What delights are you dreaming of?"  And I believe that it is quite serendipitous that this moon has come into my life today.

I spent yesterday evening with some lovely crafty people twittering (at #cbuk) about Craft Blogs and schedules.  Today's post was scheduled to be about 'Addictive Behaviour', I guess it still could be as I seem to be addicted to rebelling against schedules.

Then I popped over to Jamie Riddler Studios and realised it was a Full Moon Dream Board day, the Full Strawberry Moon to be precise.  And so as I seem to have been a little lacking in self belief of late I thought it would be a good idea to put a board together and set my wishes and intentions out there.

My Full Strawberry Moon Dream Board - with space for more......

I'm not about to explain what all the pics stand for just to note that they are my wishes.  And that I am taking a deep breath and wishing and believing in their manifestation.  I read the piece on Kind Over Matter today about why "The Secret" doesn't work - and I really got it.  So much so that part of me wishes it were raining right now so I could go outside and splash in the puddles.

Maybe just as well it's not because the grown up here has a lot of work to do.

Hope you all have a wonderous day xoxo

Catherine @ The MacsX


  1. thanks for the link over to KOM - I enjoyed the post too! Your wishes look like they are floating into the sky to be kissed or greeted by more. . . may all of your dreams come true!

  2. Thanks I loved the piece on KOM finding I reference it quite a bit if not on blogs then pinning the illustrations. Keep posting the beautiful stuff.

  3. Great board Catherine. I love that you left 'space for more'. I have some puddles you could come play in (there will be no seeing the moon tonight). I say that's a valid activity any time!! I hope your dreamboard brings you all that you wish for this month xx

  4. Thank you Lorinda. I love the vibrancy of your board and hope it all comes to you if it hasn't already. Still no puddles here. xx

  5. What a beautiful story of just-right timing. There's some magic mojo at work bringing you to your dreams! And what I notice when I look at your board is the way the dreams seem to gradually build up into almost a mountain peak of achievement - all starting with the word "Believe."

    May all of your dreams come true!

  6. Thanks for your lovely comments - I love a little serendipity. x



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