Sunday, 17 June 2012

Regular Sunday BS Resumed - Amen

I'm not going to use the C******** word today because it is over and I'm mulling over the learning process that it took me on - it is a whole blog post in it's own right - so the critique will follow this week sometime.  Any followers out there may find it difficult to imagine how I can create my usual Sunday BS by doing that - but here goes.

So what have I discovered this week:  I've been playing with ICAD and my coloured pencils, getting some creativity done.  Right now I'm listening to a pod cast interview on Escape Adulthood with Austin Kleon.  I've just pinned a great talk by Neil Gaiman, I found this on The Story of Telling. I've really been reconnecting with my creativity and having some fun.

And this has lead to my developing the idea that has been germinating in my mind for sooooo long.  My 'No Rules Creative Runway'.  I'm doing a little tweaking and tinkering at the moment and hope to have the big reveal on Wednesday.  I am very excited and feeling like this week has been a very productive one.

I have met some lovely people this week and feel like I have shared a lot of love.  And had a lot come my way.

So, I'm off to work on my big reveal.

Have a great moment/day/week - just have a great one.

Catherine @ The MacsX

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