Monday, 5 January 2015

9 of My Favourite Things

I had amassed a fair collection of good stuff on my Feedly Feed towards the end of 2014 and have finally worked my way through it all and am planning to make Tuesday the day I share some of the goodness with you.

Traditionally a day for Treasuries, especially if you are an Etsy Buddy I thought I'd stretch the Creative Net a little wider and create my own little Cube of Creative Goodness.

My first set of stars are:
  1. Aaron Draplin - Got to agree with Bobby Solomon @TheFoxisBlack, a great designer and a great video here too.
  2. Aurora Borealis - this is a dream visit of mine,  and the pics on Bored Panda make me want to visit all the more.
  3. The inspiration and tutorials on Graftgawker are amazing and well worth a look.
  4. Nicole Jenkins at Circa Vintage is great for sharing the beauty and knowledge of all things vintage.
  5. Brett at I am The Lab is always good for inspiration and highlighting great designers out there.
  6. I used to love the Sunday night #CBUK twitter chats and still tune into Hilary's wisdom at Craft Blog UK.
  7. Craft Gossip has so many facets - these Wraphia baskets are on my list of makes for 2015- perhaps go with my Gift Making resolution.
  8. Ah Craftivism - I'm planning on doing a lot more of this in 2015.
  9. Another from Bored Panda these comic illustrations by Lucas Levitan will bring a smile to that first work week of the year.
Hope you enjoy my first selection.



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