Friday, 19 September 2014

The Scottish People Have Spoken

Yes we have, and what did we say:

We said that we are a passionate nation who care deeply about our future
We are a rich nation, and recognise our wealth
We are an intelligent nation and know what is important

It was said that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for independence.   Whilst that may be true for some I believe we are educating a generation that will not stand idly by and let our nation’s education and wealth go unsung.  I still believe that this is a new beginning and not an end.

We may be a little shell shocked and battle weary but we can be proud of the conversations that have been started, the engagement and community that have emerged.

One truth about the Scot’s personalities is that we have a long memory – promises have been made throughout this campaign, and whilst we are in no way surprised by the back-pedalling that had already taken place before the count was complete, we expect promises to be kept.  We have found our way to the polling stations and it won’t be our last visit.

‘Normal’’ if not a new invigorated Service will now resume on my blog page, and the Paisley Yes Badge wil be displayed as a constant reminder of not only what might have been but of a better world to come.

I cannot round off without making comment on Bob Geldof’s ‘follow your head’ argument – a man who has built his popularity through appealing to hearts and emotions – really!!!!!


Que sera


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