Wednesday, 10 September 2014

From 'Meh' to Me

You wake up in the morning, your energy levels are low, you're more 'Beyond Help' than 'Beyonce' and your get up and go is nowhere to be seen.  What do you do?

You're initial reaction may be to pull that duvet over your head and hide out. Whilst I fully believe in going with your gut, sometimes it's good to go a little deeper, beyond the surface.   Going back under the duvet doesn't have to mean surrender.  We don't have to make everything a monumental step.  It can be as simple as a step back and taking the opportunity to start again.

Remember that this is your body and this is your day, you can choose to focus on whatever version of 'what is' you like. I'm liking that it's a glorious Autumn morning and I get to choose what I do with the day.  Believe it or not there is always choice.

How are you choosing to face the day?



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