Sunday, 12 August 2012

Regular Sunday BS times 2

I didn't write my regular BS last week  - not because there wasn't any - because I got caught up in other things.   As we all know life is like that sometimes.

One of the main reasons was that I was still in the midst of organising all of my craft stock.  My whole studio was in a state of disarray and now it is fully organised I know what I have and I almost know what I want to do with it.

I'm not a great believer in horoscopes but I really liked the Newspaper Blackout Horoscope from Austin Kleon, I'm a Taurus:

And so I've been soaking up a lot of info so far this month and doing some work on my business plan.  Actually putting a business plan together.  This has been inspired by the new product range I have been working on, my needlework collection and my wanting to take the MacsX a little further toward what I really want it to be; A Virtual Abundance Centre.  I've put together a video to introduce the collection and try out the concept for the No Rules Creative Runway in September. ( A Collection of 1.5-3minute videos showcasing the story behind and the products of creatives in the crafting field.)
Take a look for yourself:

#cbuk is taking some time out for this month but I've taken on the tips from recent chats and
started getting myself out there.  I've started taking part in Handmade Monday and have really enjoyed seeing what other creative folk are up to on a regular basis.

I'm still enjoying Pinterest.  Over the last couple of weeks rather than repinning stuff I've been liking it and so saving it for further 'study' so to speak.  My recent likes can be found here.  I'm trying to use pinterest in the same way as I've put together my Evernote set up; keeping everything in one notebook and then checking through it, filing it in a relevant book for future use, actually using it or discarding it.  Sometimes we press that button to select stuff just a little too quickly.  I.'m hoping to go through my Pinterest Likes at the end of the month.

So, I've been pretty busy.  Believe it or not there has actually been a lot more going on behind the scenes, especially at Etsy.  I'm not linking you to my shop here because it really does need some work - what it really needs is the background stuff to come into reality.  This time next week links will be in place.

I am sure that I have managed to get so much done due to my revived morning routine - meditation, by getting some headspace, writing 750 words and a creative visualisation with Jamie Ridler, definitely a great way to start the day.  My very own 'holy hour' leaves me ready for anything.

Happy Crafting Everyone.

Catherine at The MacsX

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