Monday, 6 August 2012

Handmade Monday - Ribbons Rule

From here on in I'm hoping to make my Monday Posts part of Handmade Monday.  If you haven't checked it out yet go have a look over at Handmade Harbour.

Anyone who's ever popped over to my Etsy shop couldn't fail to notice my love of  ribbons.  I also love believing that when it comes to creativity there really are no rules as to what materials can be used for.

And so with an abundant supply of ribbons, buttons and bows I created my unique jewellery collection.  I love that ribbon can be manipulated into different shapes, that you can knit with it, crochet with it and add so many embellishments.

I've just spent this past weekend re-organising my studio and taking stock - my love for ribbon has  been reignited and creative ideas flowing - perhaps embroidery with ribbon.  Or perhaps I could just finish off the myriad of bracelets, necklaces and ribbon chain links I've found in my project basket.

Who knows what I'll have to show next week.

Catherine at The MacsX


  1. Welcome to Handmade Monday! These look stunning - just amazing what can be done with ribbon. Looking forward to seeing more x

  2. Thanks Wendy - I'm looking forward to making more too. x

  3. It's amazing what you find when you have a tidy up! I'm exactly the same :0D
    Your ribbon bracelet looks amazing, wonder what you will come up with next. I've seen ribbon embroidery and that looks pretty cool. I havn't pinned my sampler, never thought about it actually!

  4. Thanks, your samplers are ideal for pinning I'll add them to the craft life board later - hopefully point some traffic your way.

  5. I love this work. I hadn't thought about crocheting with ribbon but you now have my interest - I am forcing myself to stay sat here and not rush down to the shop to give it a try right now! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. I love ribbons too. Amazing what you've done with them

  7. Very pretty and creative! I look forward to seeing more. I have lots and lots of ribbon just hanging around. :)

    1. Thanks Susie, there are just so many things you can do with ribbon. x



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