Monday, 27 August 2012

Handmade Monday - Some Heartfelt Pieces

For those of you who read my last Handmade Monday you will be pleased to hear I'm working my way through my UFO's,  rallied on by CRAFTfest starting on Saturday.  I really enjoyed having the extra time today to get some crafting done and to get my 'Heartfelt' brooches finished.  Now I'm going to get to work on some branding, I've been gathering lots of ideas for packaging.

You should see what some of the other artists have been up to at Handmade Monday.

Happy Crafting

Catherine at The MacsX


  1. what lovely work . have a great week

  2. Your brooches are unusual! :)
    thanks for visiting my blog x x

  3. Thanks Martha - I loved your mason jars. Cx



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