Thursday, 2 August 2012

A Great Idea - Glasgow Etsy Meet Up

My Etsy Team met up in Glasgow last night and it was definitely a great idea - made possible by Trudy at Trudy's Store.

When I got the invite to join the Glasgow Etsy team back at the beginning of July I was at once excited about the idea of meeting other creative folk in my area. I imagined the evening would be something like the #cbuk tweetchat I try to join in with on a Sunday evening, lots of pointers on how to boost your virtual presence and using SEOs, TAGs etc.  It turned out to be that and so much more.
First a shout out to the attendees, Trudy (aforementioned), Ulrika and Hugh of Squiffydesigns, Karen of Nameless Wonders and Lynsey from Chainmaildreams all bringing something unique to the table and delighted to have Trudy as the new Team Captain.

As much as we did discuss TAGS and teams and circles I was really pleased that the meet was about so much more it was about promoting the community aspect of the Glasgow Etsy team and ways we could bring the virtual into reality.  Lots of ideas jumped around the table and hopefully by the time our next meet at the beginning of September comes round there will be a plan in the offing.

So, joining teams on Etsy is definitely a good thing and it will hopefully lead to some exciting joint ventures with more Etsy Creatives.

I feel like I am finally arriving in the Creative Community and that's thanks to the lovely people that join the chat at #cbuk and my new Etsy friends.

UKCraftblog done a great piece on photos today.

I'm looking forward to The Glasgow Etsy Team appearing in a lot more posts.
Catherine at The MacsX

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