Sunday, 19 August 2012

Regular Sunday BS

I feel like there has been so much more than a week since I last wrote about my weekly BS.  This week has been so busy and so filled with inspirational stuff.

First of congratulations to Callie at CreaTEAvity - you are the lucky winner of the cross stitch giveaway.

My favourite pin this week:

I have been loving Sky Living's 'Styled to Rock' - I got all la-de-dah when the judges complained that some designers didn't stick to the brief - what brief?  Then realised that the kind of  'client' involved really gave as much as a brief as they were going to get.  I guess getting into the mindset of your celebrity client is a real biggie.  The other great thing I took away from Styled to Rock was the quote at the beginning - 'Sew Big or Go Home'.  I've been trying to channel that into the work I've been doing this week - the realisation that I really need to do more than think has been a biggie this week.

Tara Dara Made it - pointed me toward the Etsy Tool - Shoptimiser.  If you're an Etsy shop owner you should give it a go - I was pretty pleased with my results and have been given a few pointers that I was previously missing like the renewal of policies etc as well as products.

My favourite new web find this week is Bonkers About Buttons - lots of ideas for all those buttons I came across in my studio reorganisation.  Once I've done something with the 101 projects already on the go buttons may be my next outlet.

I was lucky to share in the birthday celebrations for Marcella Chamorro and to receive a copy of her 'To Be or Like To Be' book for my kindle - this has been on my wish list for a while so I am looking forward to putting it to the top of my reading list for this week.

I am really looking forward to the Etsy Craft Party this week - Friday 24th.

I feel like I have learnt a lot this week and that I have actually got some stuff done - all will be revealed on that front very soon.

Happy Crafting and Happy Week to All

Catherine at The MacsX

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