Thursday, 13 September 2012

Thursday's Thoughtful Thread - WHEN

When did everything turn around for you?  Or maybe you're thinking when will it?

The pivot started for me around 9 years ago.  I was sat on the top deck of a London Bus and etched on the front window was one word.  WHEN.  And so started a long and arduous journey to find out when I would get what I wanted out of life.

At the time I was in a high paid, high pressure job taking a lot of action that just didn't fit with my core values - basically I was having a daily fight with my values.  Not a good place to be.  And that catalyst of WHEN just sent me on a spiral of complete burn out, depression, and soul searching.  I have read a million and one self help books, I have got me some therapy and most importantly I have taken some time out and put me first.  I was the one who said, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, "Happy".  It's amazing how we let the world around us shape our aspirations.

I've now got my teenage enthusiasm back, and that belief in myself - not saying it's not a battle some days but I like to think I'm winning.

What made you stop and think?

Mindfully wishing a stress free time

Catherine at The MacsX

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