Sunday, 9 September 2012

Usual Sunday BS - After a Really Busy Week

My intentions are to post this piece this morning and then to switch off the laptop and stay net free for the day.


Why?  Because it's healthy to switch off once in a while and secondly because I've just completed a really full on week at CRAFTfest and my keyboard, screen, fingers, eyes and mind need a rest. I've posted my first Crafting interviews here and here, had over 1000 visitors to my Etsy shop in one day - to some that may not seem a lot but for someone who averaged a few hundred visitors a week this has been a major breakthrough.

I have learnt so much about on line promotional tools (and I know there is still so much to learn) Austin Kleon posted a great quote by Clay Shirk this week 'The Internet is an Opportunity Machine'.
It really is and Lu at the Craftfest Promotions Group helped me realise the potential that is out there.

As for CRAFTfest I am breathing a little sign of relief that the relentless promotions have come to an end - but will be revving up tomorrow to keep up the momentum and preparing for the next fest 24th November to 1st December - it really is, as the promo says 'networking at it's best'.

One of the major lessons learnt this week has been that I need to write a better story. I have some great stories behind my creative life and the creation of my pieces but when it comes to putting them into my shop I tend to be at that stage where I just want to list as much as possible as quickly as  possible - something to do with leaving things to the last minute.  So from here on in I will take time to write the story.  I have been following The Story of Telling for quite some time now and agreeing with their mantra but not really living it.  I have gotten myself so organised over this CRAFTfest week that finding/making the time to write the real story behind each piece will be easy a piece of cake.

So here's to a week of unique and true stories

Catherine at The MacsX


  1. I keep trying to switch off, then someone else posts another great blog post...

    1. Thanks Lu - hope you're enjoying a well earned rest - wine and chocolate are definitely good. Cx



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