Thursday, 13 September 2012

Four Seasons of Friday - Pins I Like

I decided a while back not to repin anything on Pinterest but rather to like it and then sort through and decide whether I want to pin to a  particular board create a new one - or that perhaps my
 like was a bit rash and I'm really not so keen.

My 'like' board had 309 pins at last count and so this weekend I intend to sort them out, whilst I use some of the Pinterest tips I've been reading up on lately to rearrange and tidy up my boards and pins.  And participate more in the group boards I have joined.

I had a quick look at my likes and picked these for my Four Seasons of Friday:

Original sources for these pins (clockwise from top left)

When I checked the original sources on the pins I was enthralled.  A Ribbon of an artists dream.  It has so many inspirational sources and is a pinners dream. DMC obviously has a cornucopia of colour and crafting supplies. Here Comes the Sun has a lightness about it and the music is pretty cool too.  Unfortunately I couldn't check the ultimate source on the site as their project is now fully booked but I'm sure the source can be trusted as it was pinned by Jamie Ridler the source of my Wishcasting Wednesday prompts.

Here's to a great weekend.

Catherine at The MacsX

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