Thursday, 6 September 2012

Thursday's Thoughtful Thread - Making Time

Why is it that when 'something's gotta give' the first thing to go is the 'you thing'?  When things get added to my load.  Like suddenly school has started again and uniforms need cleaned, homework needs checked, dinner needs to have a routine, breakfast is a must...  I know it's not like there was no warning, it happens at the same time every year, but still that overwhelming 'so much to do, not enough time' mantra comes sneaking out to greet me.

And this year has been no different from any other - I've been chasing my tail since school went back mid August (here in Scotland we like to get some daylight hours of school in).  As I was sitting in front of my lap top this morning trying to figure out my 'thoughtful thread' for the day it dawned on me that I had been nursing a niggly headache for what would seem as long as it's been since school started.  Then 'a-ha' moment number two struck.  I haven't been taking time out for me - no meditation.  Along with the fact that I haven't exercised in weeks, my local Chinese Takeaway knows my weekly routine and Pizza Hut now send me mail, with my name on - something really does have to give.

How familiar does this sound - "I have so much work to do, I'm juggling a day job, struggling to start my own business, running a home, there's just so much to do.  I so don't have time to meditate, to exercise, to make a meal from scratch every night....."  Familiar?

And do you know what?  The answer to this whole conundrum is really easy.  You just make time.  Simple as that.  There is only one time and that is NOW - and what is done with it is entirely up to you.

So instead of writing a blog post I stopped and meditated.   I logged into headspace and just over 20 minutes later I was in a far better state of mind to start the day.

The daily meditation starts with a check in on how your body is feeling and my immediate response to that was 'bruised and battered'.  Now there are no black and blue marks but I genuinely feel like I've been through the wringer.  The fact that my wardrobe has slowly grown from a neat size 12 to a squeezy 14to16to18 doesn't help.  And the time really has come to do something about it.  This has been building for quite some time.

So, I'm putting it out there I will endeavour over the next week to make time to meditate every day and to wipe the dust off my yoga mat and get some exercise on.  I know that I am not going to miraculously brighten up and shape up overnight but I am going to do it one moment at a time.

Here's to a mindful and motivated week.    

Catherine at The MacsX

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