Sunday, 29 April 2012

Not Quite the Usual Sunday BS - but getting there.

Working on rekindling my sparkle - and liking the progress so far.

So I'm a bit late in checking in today/this evening.   I've learnt a lot this week and been really
 productive so much so that it's taken me most of the day to recap.

I've learnt what it is I really do and where I want it to go, And I'm loving it.  So what is it?

I run my Virtual Creative Abundance Centre, 'The MacsX', showcasing, guiding and encouraging creativity and am on the cusp of launching my new Thursday night workshops based around my book 'Authentic Fit'.  I also produce my 'MacsX' range of Authentic Accessories on sale at my shop at Etsy.

I have been doing a lot of background work on my web site - Launch of my newly branded style will be on Tuesday 1st May.

I have gathered a whole host of topics for future blog posts.  I'm still reading Fire Starter Sessions and may continue to do so until Danielle LaPorte releases her next book.  It's a great delving book.  Same for Austin Kleon - and boy, have I been stealing like an artist all week, my Swipe File is really building.

And my final call out of the week goes to SARK - I really enjoyed the SARK in Your Pocket download and am still smiling at the thought of wearing my jammies to so many places (not in reality but in my ideal imagined world - no need for white coats just yet). - Thank you to SARK for bringing me the above quote.  I'm definitely channelling that uninfluenced mind.

Catherine @ The MacsX

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