Sunday, 1 April 2012

Authenticity - The Simple Abundance Path

I’ve spent the last few weeks reading /researching different takes on Authenticity as I have decided that that is what I really want for myself and is ultimately what I’ve been fighting with for the best/worst part of the last 40 years.  And it is what I profess my business to be.
I top up my authentic well each day with some “me time” and a read of “Simple Abundance: A day book of comfort and joy” by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  And I am learning to bring bigger buckets.  I’ve been reading Simple Abundance for almost 5 years now.  It’s not that I’m a slow reader. It is a really long book, but I try to delve in every day and indulge myself in some authentic reflection. 
I went all the way to East Kilbride to buy this book because I just had to have it that day.  I needed something to help me through my anxiety and depression and somehow thought this book held an answer of some kind.  Turns out it held a lot of questions and not all easy.  With the help of Sarah Ban Breathnach and many others , including myself, I have learned to live with my periods of anxiety and depression.  I have slowly realised that they have been part of my journey back to authenticity – a great big cry of ‘Really...’ from my Authentic Self.

Todays ‘diamond in the back yard’ was about trusting our insticts and finding our verve.   I heard a great quote from a Leonard Cohen song ‘we all have cracks, that’s how the light shows through.’  And so I’m getting used to my cracks and realising that I’m not crazy – just creative.
My pin for today sums it up really.  Yes, Really..
Catherine @ The MacsX

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