Saturday, 21 April 2012

Flying without the Net for 24 hours

From this day forth I intend to take an white noise break for 24 hours between Saturday and Sunday and go back to basics.  With the exception of kindle access once this blog has been uploaded for today there will be no further Internet access for 24 hours.  I'm kind of looking forward to it and already a little panicked about what I might miss. (Nothing that can't wait at least 24 hours!).

Decided 2am is not the time for me to unblock my energies - the only unblocking I really want to be doing at that time is sleeping - so until the webinair takes place at a more suitable time I guess I'm going to have to unblock my own energies - that'll be part of my Net Free 24 hours - more tomorrow.

My Etsy shop shall continue to run itself for the next 24 hours - so if there are any customer questions I ask for a little patience awaiting reply.

And my pinterest boards and facebook page will not disappear (think I'm just reassuring myself here).

And twitter - well I'm still getting to grips with that one.

And as for my web site it's on the list of to do's for this coming week - so really leaving it alone for another 24 hours will have no major impact, although Keiffer Sutherland fans may beg to differ.  And the next 24 hours I spend on my site will hopefully make a mega difference.

So here's to 24 hours of pen, paper and good old verbal communication - updates tomorrow.

Catherine @ The MacsX

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