Friday, 6 April 2012

I've Got A Little Time....

I’m sitting here on my couch enjoying the idea that this is a holiday weekend – Happy Holiday Weekend.

This week I embarked on a course about creating time at  I tried to stay awake for the first live feed on Wednesday/Thursday but I’m afraid my reception for smiley happy people at 1am had worn a little thin.  However,I did sit down with a coffee this morning and listened in to the goings on.  And in a much more receptive frame of mind I came away with some lessons learnt and reinforcements to my foundations on authenticity.

I participated in the ‘artsignment’ and have my Creative Clock to show for it.  I actually have my ideal 'creative clock' on my kitchen wall already but I'll save that for another day.

I’m definitely on the ‘touchy feely’ vibe today and looking forward to checking in later with Jamie Ridler and basking in the Full Pink Moon that is with us today.  I’ve been working on my moon board – I’ve gone for the eco friendly cutting and pasting scenario and I’m putting this out there and hoping to see a lot of wishes unfold over the next few weeks.  I’ve just realised I forgot to add the pic of ‘my Mercedes m class’, I’m not sure that I’m quite ready for that right now.

Also this week i’ve been rolling with Take 15 at  and definitely spending a lot more time in the here and now – and as a result getting a lot more done and feeling a lot better.  And wouldn’t you know the universe is conspiring to reinforce it all and sent me the truth bomb from Danielle LaPorte.

All in all it has been a very good week.

And in keeping with my purposefully arduously dug up authenticity I am going to cut the BS now and get on with doing some work and hopefully earning some money from my business as I get my etsy shop up and running again.  It’s time to get to the ‘refreshing’ part of the ‘destressing and refreshing’ at

Happy Easter Holidays.

Catherine @ The MacsX


  1. Wonderful way the board comes together in the end. May all your dreams come true.

  2. Love the dash of pink in there....Wish you a joyous and blessed holiday.

  3. Such a lovely board. May it bring you all that you dream for xx



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