Thursday, 12 April 2012

My Pin and Peeve for The day (or yesterday- Thursday)

My Pinterest peeve for today (or yesterday, as this is now Friday) is that I found so many inspirational pins but when I tried to source them I was directed to sites that wanted to sell something or congratulate me on winning some prize or other - if only I'd give my email details etc.  What p****** me off most was the thought that I'd re pinned stuff that done just that because initially I hadn't figured the sourcing thing out.  So apologies to anyone that has seen one too many pairs of Uggs this week, or really doesn't want to know how to get a beautiful body.

My other peave since I'm on the subject is nothing to do with Pinterest but with my ability to be typing away on my my keyboard only to look up and see that I'm now typing in the middle of another line and nothing makes any sense - does anyone else have this keyboard problem?

On a lighter note it's now Friday - happy weekend everyone.

Catherine @ The MacsX

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