Sunday, 15 April 2012

**** Money ???

This week I have spent a lot of time with inspirational people – read a lot of inspirational ‘stuff’ but I haven’t really done/created any of my ‘stuff’. Yes, I have created daily pins and made my space more habitable and conducive to work and making money.  But I’ve not really made any.

I’ve just looked at my list of things to take forward
·         Check out phone connections via my computer (for joining in web links)
·         Schedule a fed-ex day – where something gets turned around in 24 hours
·         Check out the give away that goes with my Firestarter Book
·         File the Bentlily poems re last page and not having a camera for future reference

Not one of them has to do with making money...

It is time to admit that I have money problems:

*      I do not know how to relate to money
*      I’ve always had that ‘money can’t buy you love’ mind set and so thought it was ‘bad’
*      I really haven’t figured out how to make the ideal amount
*      I really haven’t figured out what the ideal amount is.

So I’m going to add two more take forwards for this week and these are going to be the priorities for this week:

  1. Find a way of making some money now (legal, creative and in line with my values)
  2. Make my peace with money 
Anyone that has any ideas on how I can achieve either of the above by next Sunday please don’t hesitate in letting me know.
Catherine @ The MacsX

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