Monday, 9 April 2012

No Compartments - Just ME

When I started blogging again it would seem that I was still a little 'compartmental'.  So, I've gotten over it and deleted the other blog and am keeping it all here - just me.

As such I'm cheating a little and going to use my post from yesterday to update here today
so, albeit Monday I'm adding a little

Sunday Morning BS 
 (sometimes it's brainstorming and sometimes it's just B.S.)

I like to check in on a Sunday and do some brainstorming.  I had kind of got into the habit of writing Sunday BS at the top of the page and then just  going with the flow.  Some days I can come up with some good product ideas, I can remember a list of things that I really need to get to – like filing receipts, or realise some good creative excursions to take or just a getting organised sort of thing.  But sometimes it really is just B*** S***.  Or, so it would seem.

Often what seemed like BS one rainy Sunday morning was actually a spark of something better to come.  It was my authentic self gently nudging me toward my authentic path, encouraging me to think outside the box.   Really?  As Matthew McConaughy would say “B*** S***.”  I’m trying to get  this blog going with something deep and meaningful to get across some sense of authenticity and so far I’ve got nada.

This weeks BS has been about creating some form of Blog Schedule and putting together a list of possible subjects/titles  I’m writing about creating my authentic business and the epic journey this has been and still is.

I’ve spent this week embarking on some social networking.  I didn’t realise that ther ewas so much good stuff on google – and that the people I really feel a connection with can only be a tweet away.  And so I’ve discovered some great blogs, some awesome sites and some great tools for getting my S*** out there.

One of the great things that has hit me again and again this week is that there are no short cuts to a Truly Authentic Business.  Yes, there are guides and there are tips on how to get there.  But the whole point of the Authenticity is that at the heart of it is you – or should I say in this instance me.  And I am what makes my business different.   And now that I know who am I can really get this party started.

So for this week I’d like to yell out a big Happy Easter and an even bigger Thank You to all the authentic and inspirational voices that have come into my life this week and helped me get my plan down.


Catherine @ The MacsX

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