Sunday, 22 April 2012

Added Value - What's it Worth?

My challenge to myself this week was to find a way of making money now and to make peace with money.  Until now I haven't had the most healthy relationship with money, when I've had it I've had it taken from me, I've basked in the joy of having it and let it "burn a hole" in my pocket, I've really hit rock bottom for the lack of it and I guess grown to almost if not completely hate it.

So what did I do to meet my challenge?

For the making money now side of things I got my Etsy shop sorted.  I designed a new banner in keeping with my new branding and started listing 6 pieces per day.  And through my new and developing social networking skills I highlighted all of this through Pinterest and enhanced my Etsy presence through creating treasuries.  I intend to build on this and to start looking at Etsy Circles.  Whilst I have not actually made any money this week I am proud of the fact that I have put my
self out there and that people are 'favouriting' my creations and visiting my blog.

The more uncomfortable part of the challenge for me - and perhaps the part I really had to get a handle on before I could make any money was/is 'making peace'.  So I did my fare share of research:

Social Accountability definitely seemed key in many of the places I looked.  And in my attempt to  get me some of that I put it out there on my blog and via twitter that I wanted to make my peace with the mullah.  I was invited to take part in various web chats and also told about some 'live changing money making investments' I could make and I embraced my freedom of choice and authenticity of my gut instinct and took part in some and promptly ignored some others.

I attempted twice to take part in an 'Unlimited Abundance Energy Clearing Session", however the 2am call was just too late for me - falling asleep before and during each respectively.  Listening to one of Danielle LaPorte (my current virtual mentor) I liked her knock 3 times analogy - if it doesn't happen on the 3rd knock then it's not meant to be.  Well, there has been a 3rd knock and one where I can choose my own timing so I'll let you all know how that goes.

In my 'net free' 24 hours I did work my way through the worksheets from the session and came to some sound conclusions - or actually admitted to some of my long held beliefs - regarding money.
I've been worrying about setting up 'Accounting Systems'.  As I haven't made any real profit to date I figure I can let go of the self-created over complications on that one.  Schedule my tax return for 2011-12 and get myself an in/out expenses/income book for 2012-13. (tick)

I guess when I think about working with money and managing money I immediately think of suits (not stylish suits) and accountants - and accountants are boring (at least the majority I have come into contact with are).  However my research has lead me to an altered view - one of money being a facilitator, a provider of supplies a means of my purchasing the ingredients of my authentic life.

After all without money I wouldn't know how to 'Steal Like an Artist' or more importantly I wouldn't have had the reassurance that it is OK to piggyback on the ideas of others.  I wouldn't have been able to embark on 'The Firestarter Sessions'.  And I wouldn't have had the beauty of chilling out for the day yesterday and taking a creative excursion into town.

I don't want to manage my money.  As with all other areas of my life I want to be mindful of it.  Mindful of what I may be capable of doing when I have it and mindful that any restrictions are of my own making.

How much am I worth.  I am certainly worth £50k a year, if not a whole lot more, but I am mindful of my preference for baby steps.  However, also being mindful of my need to step out of my comfort zone I already feel good about £100k.

So, I'm putting it out there and here.  In this financial year I am going to make £100k.  This will need some ingenuity and it will also need me to invest in my talents and to pull on my resources.

And what's in it for you?  How can my blog, etsy store, facebook page, and website enhance your life and well being?  Well I  want them to help you wake up and smell the coffee, roses or whatever it is that's gone missing or been forgotten in your life.  I want to help you identify your battles and the relevance of them.  I want to help you unearth what it is you passionately want from life and help find the courage to go get it.  I can provide a listening ear and hopefully help you say what matters, whether it be through the whispers of "I know where you're coming from", "You just said what I've been thinking" or just bringing a little beauty into your day.

So for this week I intend to:

This has been a bit of a marathon - quite appropriate given it was Marathon Day in London.

So, I'm off to do a final clearing on that energy and get on with the next chapter.

Catherine @ The MacsX

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