Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Look at My Etsy Shop

My Etsy Shop is up and running again.  I’ve decided to Just Start Now.  I’ve been spending a lot of time reading, listening to and watching Danielle LaPorte this past while as I’ve been on my quest for my authentic business.  It seems just right that I relight my fire on the same day that ‘The FirestarterSessions’ was launched.

And so I’ve added 6 pieces today and intend to add 6 pieces each day for the foreseeable future while working on my mega product launch in September.

As I said here on Sunday I’m really focusing on getting this business up and running.  And a definite focus I need to make is getting my head around the finances and making my peace with money. 

So money – mullah – dosh – is it really as evil as my soon to be redundant thoughts would have me believe.  I recognise my own prosperity in all the riches that I have but making money has never been one of my key goals.  Perhaps not my key goal but let’s face it without it I really cannot live the life I truly want to.  When I put my ultimate wish board together there’s a Mercedes M Class, up to the minute tech, and designer coffee.  All things that require money to acquire them.  OK I could win them all, let’s face it to win the Gadget Show Draw would provide enough up to the minute tech to last a lifetime? (For the minute).
So what do I intend to do to make peace.  I’ve read many self help books although as Austin Kleon says ‘All Books are Self Help’.  The Right Brain Business Plan appealed because it got that I avoided the figure crunching, but I still haven’t got round to filling in the provided spread sheet yet.  I know that there is no need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ but I haven’t found a wheel that works for me yet.  I need that financial wheel that agrees with my gut not sends it reeling.

So my quest begins, kind of making it up as I go.  I’m going to use the craft I have recently learnt from getting some Headspace and I’m going to sit comfortably with it for a while and let it roll. (Enough wheel analogies already) So I’m going to sit with it and see what shows up, in the meantime getting my brand sorted out and getting product out there.  I’m not sitting with it for too long, I’m setting some boundaries and giving it a ‘Jennifer Aniston’ day as Sarah Ban Breathnach puts it.  Twenty four hours to mull it over and then a plan shall arrive – I’m sending it out there to the universe and trusting that the answer will come – not having any presumptions as to what it might be.

I truly believe that everything I want and need comes to me in the perfect way – perhaps not ‘my’ way but the best way for me.

So, it’s out there all suggestions welcome.

Catherine @ The MacsX

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