Sunday, 2 June 2013

Another Sunny Sunday and the usual BS

And the weeks just keep getting better and better..... 

by Catherine at When at The MacsX

One of the first things I read this morning was the Dottie Angel Post about little things.  Certainly over the last few weeks I have really learnt to embrace the ‘little’ things, to make the most of a sunny day by having lunch in the park, by ‘being there’ when it truly is the place to be, even staying down for a ‘little’ while when you fall just to draw breath and gain perspective.  Yes, I did fall over this week.  I have the skinned knee and bruises to prove it and the peace of mind that I can be 90% sure that nothing is broken.  I’m using blind faith and gut instinct for the other 10% because I really do not want to have to spend any more time in A&E.  I’m going with the positive tude and a little r and r to get me through.

I finally finished my International Craft swap this week, it is now wrapped and on its way to Australia.  I really want to show it off here but feel it wouldn’t be right, not until  Valerie gets to open it up.

Can you see what it is yet?

I also finished reading the draft of Marcella  Chamorro‘s new book – and can’t wait until she releases it to the world.   It truly is beautiful , you can pre-order it here.  And I promise to write more about it when it is fully revealed.

So, I can smile and say that I have made some positive little steps this week, and I’ve already set out another in my diary for this week coming re Storytelling for Change – Somehow serendipity seems to be at work again as this will be the week where my story comes together – time for the great reveal?  To say I'm doing some editing would be putting it mildly, the surprising bit is I'm putting back the 'not so fun parts' and making it
truly authentic.

And this week’s discoveries/rediscoveries:

Learning not take things personally, highlighted on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday with Don Miguel Ruiz.  I'm definitely taking in that whisper.

And I am loving Beth Beulow's message of "view and hold others as whole, capable, and resourceful."  I believe that this is key to overcoming the whole 'victim' mentality and is a whole post of it's own making.

Keeping the creativity going and maintaining connections I intend to complete the Artists in Blogland - Colour this Quote June Challenge.  I'm loving the message ( "May there be peace and prosperity within your walls."  Psalms 122.7)and the creative accountability my committing to this brings.

Here's to another productive week - and one full of lots of little blessings.
Take Care

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